Welcome to Wilbraham United Nursery School!


We offer a  unique blend of educational  learning experiences.. Our  nurturing environment for preschool and pre-K kids in the Wilbraham area comes highly recommended since 1951.  Wilbraham United  Nursery School encourages early learning through the  development of social skills, play, Fundations(phonics),Creative Curriculum, intro to Spanish, Music and Yoga.. As professional educators, we encourage the development of all children.  Our purpose is to put children's learning about the world around them, encourage self esteem and create a fun and learning environment. We welcome you to stop by anytime to explore our program.

Our philosophy is to encourage early learning and to promote the children's overall well-being. Our teachers are highly skilled professional's , which makes are program special adventure. Our staff share one thing in common - a devotion to your  encourage your child's love for learning.

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