Pre-K Program:

Our Pre-Kindergarten School Program is designed to prepare all children for a successful transition to any kindergarten program.  This program encourages children to develop cognitively, emotionally, physically and socially.  Students work on their self awareness and self management, social awareness, relationship and social skills and responsible decision making.  Along with these skills, students work on letter and number recognition, fine motor skills, recognition of shapes and colors, work with patterns and sequencing, work on theme specifc vocabulary and work on name recognition among so many more skills. In addition, we seek to convey to these young children basic values such as compassion, self-reliance and respect for diversity.  We would love to chat with you more about our curriculum if you are wondering about whether our program is a good fit for your child!  Wherever your child may be headed, our preschool program lays the groundwork for a successful future.

Sample Daily Schedule
Below is a typical daily schedule for the Nursery School Program.

Check in and then sign in once students begin writing their names

Puzzles, shelf activities or table activities

Circle Time

Weather and Calendar

Attendance and Greeting

Introduction of Art Project for the day or week

Story Time

Open Room Time and Art Project

Clean up Time

2nd Circle Time/ 2nd Story Time

Bathroom Visit and Outdoor Prep

Outdoor Play


Social Time

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